Who We Are

Next Life Sports Hoops was started by former professional athlete Joe Smith. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Smith played in Europe for seven years, including stints in Germany, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Denmark, Canada, Mexico and England. Being a former professional athlete, he can relate to each player he represents in all phases, as he’s seen and been through all the different situations that could present themselves while playing abroad. All Next Life Hoops want is their clients focused on basketball. Let your agent address everything else.

Smith knows what it takes to get to the next level and has established contacts with dozens of professional basketball franchises around the world. He will do everything in his power to ensure his players succeed in every aspect of their professional careers, both on and off of the court.

He promotes players to teams, coaches and general managers throughout Europe and several other countries. From his years in the sport, Smith has created valuable relationships with key decision makers on several franchises. This puts our players in an excellent position to succeed.

Since retiring from professional basketball in 2008, Joe now resides the Kansas City, MO suburb of Lee’s Summit. He is the father of two daughters, Eisley Simone, 15, and Breana Nerisa, 4.